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what sort of dog has your mate got – hope it not a collie  >:D

as for irresponsible – tell her to go research the effects of chemical wormers and flea treatments  >:D or i can send you some info to give her ….

you cannot overworm with natural wormers

but i would say about 1/3 of a mug of pumpkin seeds and about 4 oz of nice ripe smelly stilton after he been to the loo

i worm only if
1) they have any signs – very very rare
2) they been in a strange area with poor poo pick up
3) a rescue comes in am not sure about
4) if a faecal tests shows signs – also very very rare

pup was wormed by breeder at 8 weeks – has been wormed once since with natural wormer – last weeks sample all clear

the spray works just fine and give him a bit of garlic too – that will help esp ticks – and will clean his blood up

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