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Hiya Celticfox,

Sorry for the delay in replying to your post but i’ve only just noticed this thread 🙂

It is alittle concerning that you’ve been landed with a Malamute pup without knowing anything about the breed  😮  but hey ho, hes here so you better learn quick!

Malamute puppies are one of the cutest in the World, but dont let the good looks fool you.
This is a real working breed in every sense of the word and need lots of mental and physical stimulation, exercise and not least firm and consistant training.

1) I highly recommend that you find a good local obedience class straight away 😉
2) Malamutes are generally a very healthy breed so dont require specialist health insurance, however if you are planning to work you Malamute in the future you would benefit from specialist public liability insurance and this can be provided by or if you join the SHCGB insurance comes with that.
3)Righty ho, any other helpful info….

The Alaskan Malamute Club Of The UK
will provide you with lots of reading material relating to the breed 🙂

And the Icebay Malamute Forum will provide you with everything else!

Best Wishes

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