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we have loki for 9 days  ;D

day 1…errrmmm
ok so we not going to get much sleep  😀

we came in – loki ami and I – ami had been working and was very tired – cubert had been deprived and neglected all morning without her  ::) he saw ami first and went daft and then…..oooooooo a big black puppy  ::)

loki did a play bow while really wanting to get to Mo for kisses – then did the shoulder roll…as in ok lets get this done with…

cubert  😮 😮 😮 p!$$3d on his head – gallons   😮 😮

loki didnt know if he had to shake – bite – go greet Mo

15 mins later they sharing a bone – it was a bit odd….as in they couldnt just eat their own they had to share each one  ::)

since then…they rolling, playing, pinning, lots of noise and movement and ami  😀 she on the sofa after a real hard morning of work…in thank doG mode  ;D

Mo said errrm…how long is loki here? a week or a fortnight ;D ;D

boysarejuststooooppppiddddd  ::) >:D amilou

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