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yep sure sp – it one i eliminated long ago by choice….but …
i have a problem and yep – i am a food facist  🙂 :-*

i have a serious problem when under a dif country’s legislation stuff has to be declared but under ours it isnt and then when the producer is emailed several times with the evidence of the difference – as in detailing the different labels that THEY have produced for the various consumer markets and have asked for an explaination…and abuse is offered et al and then someone that cares enough puts their income on the line …cant say more at this moment in time…but..i will not feed my dogs with stuff that has serious questions that are not being answered

they dont want to label the products and hide …fine …but if they nothing to hide they will come out and declare their corner

and no i agree with you..risk is there all the time but surely to doG we should be able to view and assess the risk?

is that too much to ask?

the un-educated (and i do not mean that in a patronising way but for those that think and see and read the ads for what is a huge commercial market? )

i see clients day in and day out – they feeding crap – i try to educate and they say but…. they say it good they say it safe…and yep – i know you will say the info out there – i do too but for example…freebie rescue clients i saw yesterday…she 79 he 83 been married 60 years – no comp no mobile – rescued a jrt – feeding bakers because it cheap ish – he used to dried – he off the planet and fat ….

yep…me a ff  😉

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