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i smoke too much i drink too much i do too much ….but i do so knowingly

my dogs do not have that knowledge – the problem is the ‘knowledge’ that is given out for those that cannot research for whatever reason like the example above rely on the consumer ads..they are ‘conditioned’ to believe and those producers know that – it takes guts even with the knowledge to argue a corner…

you and i ….and more than us know stuff…how do we do the consumer battle then – how do we reach those that cannot?  – for whatever reason – they cannot do the fight – if they can they often have to deal with another half, a mother etc see laura’s posts  …loads of posts on here where we have convinced the one but other half is errrmmmm dubious errrm right but the experts say…

i accept that some folk have to feed commercial – i too at times have done …all i ask is that the producers are honest and up front and provide the info without hiding behind our poor legislation even when they brand their foods holistic

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