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no …it might not be – but that might is big for me which is why i ask and expect an honest answer

the mackeral was sea caught – and yep we know there is crap in the seas – i know what might be in there but that is because i research…and i take that ‘risk’ on the base of that knowledge – the goat? no not so sure but again that is the risk i take with prior knowledge …i know it is ‘kosher’ and yep i also ‘know’ what that really means and as above….the risk factor is researched and accepted or not ….

the veg – yep that all finey finey as mudgie would say ..but…

i have not had to rely on the spin of the commercialism for any of it…i can and do research and i make my decisions but not all can and they rely on what is said

and no natures harvest to return to the thread may or may not be…so..
i do what i do and i ask the q’s


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