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i’m sorry i dont understand ?  what question did you ask me ??

if it was why i swapped – because its what SP and Val use (and for ease of opening/smell reasons).

if it was why i cant feed raw – its just too difficult for me.  first i have to find supplier, then get it here, then store it without making us gag everytime fridge opened, feed it without making whole house stink, it upsets all their tummies and its me who has to clear up poo and wee in house with a toddler, bonnie and wills both have food issues to some extent with raw, i just dont have time to do all this, plus atleast steve will feed them on NH theres no way he’d be confident enough to feed them raw, he hates the smell too, harry plays with the bone bits left over (i could go on …)

i also thought someone said that little salmon oil was ok?  i have also given my dogs salmon before – from leftovers of our food.

(it was sweetypye “The miniscule amount of salmon oil is not going to hurt any dog unless it has a true allergy.”)


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