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I have not used chemical wormer or flea treatment on Bonnie at all, and I stopped with William before that (2-3yrs ago now) although I had never wormed/flea treated him as often as they say.  Neither dog has ever had worms/fleas/ticks etc…

Misty came with a tick on her  😮 but I removed it (with great assistance from kiz) and she’s not been treated with chemical wormers/flea treatment for the last year (i suspect the tick was on her from rescue kennels in ireland and had been missed as it took me a while to notice with her being skitty).

Dont give it back – flush it and give friend a mouthful back about poisoning her dog … flipping evil stuff.  >:D

Claire x

p.s. I dont think flea’s care if fur is wiry or not x x x x x x