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check out her knickers !! just them would keep me brushing constantly all week i think !!!!

D’ya know, apart from combing behind her ears, she hasn’t been brushed since before Billy was born (it would be different with a bigger litter) and she was only groomed before then when she went to be mated!  A good Rough coat is weather proof and easy maintenance! It does become a nightmare if either s*x is neutered though. :-[  Apart from that it’s only when they’re moulting that it can be a problem and for me, now a problem to lift them into the bath etc.  :-\

Willow has a habit of back combing the back of her ears ;D
She is easy to groom apart from the fact she loves it. The main problem is twigs, grass, leaves etc
Mother said she could pick up rubbish in her coat walking across a white sheet of paper.
What I didn’t realise when I got her was how hard it is to get a Rough Collie wet to the skin 😮

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