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i mean something like this  😉

What we have here is kind of both of what i said and the link you gave. The link got max. 4 persons. Here is like thàt but with more owners and dogs. And here is little different, cause they do competition as well. (i thought you meant private trainer  😉 ) But when i was looking never any other dog alload than Border  :-\ ….

My former vet used to be a member of the closest club to us. The other clubs are to far away for ‘just’ training. She quite, bought her own sheep and kept working her dogs like by herself. Partly left because she got into numerous discussions because there were more and more people-like me who weren’t alload in-  protesting that it always ‘borders only’. But… boardmembers naturalement border people or they would not even be a member in the first place. And they obivously want to keep it that way  😛 . It is sad  🙁 .
I only heard once that there was a club that alload other breeds. But you already got to have a trained dog and take tests to be able to enter. 1 Groenendaelergirl made it. It was also the only ‘other breed’ that made it.
What’s the point than  ??? . You want to teach them something, but if no Border you got to show up with an already fully trained dog  >:( .

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Little thing in my head, how would my boys do, and how would they do with sheep as they are totaly different from birds, such things  😉

The only tiny little problem would be that the trainer doesn’t even know the back from the front of the sheep  ::) .

one – i can guess.  😀

two – something your dogs don’t seem to have a problem with.  ;D ;D ;D

sorry, just couldn’t resist that one, you walked straight into it.  😀

😮 Now my heart skipped a beat. Woman can you be mean  >:D . (good on though, didn’t see it coming hahaha  😀 )

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