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thanks for all the lovely comments everyone :-*
[quote author=*Lassie* link=topic=11882.msg227279#msg227279 date=1214671865]
What was Dodger after in the tree? ;D
Great photos as usual, you have real talent 😉
thank yooh  :-* he’s looking at his ball you can just see it hanging lol me and my terrible aim got it stuck up there ::) but he got it in the end ;D

[quote author=Foxisle_crazy link=topic=11882.msg227266#msg227266 date=1214667487]
Oh she’s gorgeous, she looks so settled  🙂
you’ll have to come see her some time 🙂
[quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=11882.msg227285#msg227285 date=1214676634]
beautiful photos Laura – that last one is lovely  :-*
thanks Suz – the last two are kinda blurry 🙁 definatly need a better camera, the little compact digital ones really aren’t the best or at least mine isn’t ::)

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