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OK, have all the ingredients for the spray, thanks Val, you are good to us  :-*

We are going to keep an eye on the worms situation but have made a note of your measurements Bev so we know how much of the seeds and cheese to give.

Back to his itchy bald bits, he now has a patch near the tops of both ears about the size of a penny each, totally bald and is coming out in small clups when he scratches, but no rash, redness or scalyness, just looks a bit dry and shiny underneath.  A bit worried with it being on both sides, don’t  look like his muzzle does either,  and ideas what this coule be.  Inside ears look fine.  Mange or ringworm possibly, with it being round patches?  could it be related to the problems he’s been having with his muzzle?

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