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i didn’t feel sorry for any of them in that fight, one thing that did get me was you could see dennis changing as things went on, he has already commented on a difficult past which i presume was explained to BB before he went in and you could see him go from comforter to jen to sitting back and withdrawing into himself, he had his head in his hands and was rocking back and forth a one point and just saying the same word over and over, i’m sorry but BB are supposed to have trained psychologists watching this, they should have removed him before he spat as it was obvious he was about to snap  🙁 so i felt sorry that BB didn’t inetrvene earlier.

i think stuck in there with strangers trying to be a small community changes you and dennis has had problems with mo in the past and whether or not they were in his head isn’t important, if he thinks mo has a problem with gay’s then he does, i also think alot of what happened was because alot of people don’t like rex and were taking out their own anger on him and using this as an excuse.

it was all quite sad to watch  :-\

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