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Brillaint, thanks guys ;D

lol@honey ;D

I guess it’s just a case of keeping at it and hopfully she’ll gain more confidence.
Had her 2nd jab today and had the lubbly vet thats dealt with our cat Smelly and the pigs. Thought she was really laid back!
Toilet trainings going well. Dry at night 😮 and for the last 4 days, well except for two wee’s in the living roon last night in quisk succession and a poo in the boot on way to vets.
Oh and one in the paddling pool, bit of no mans land that one!
Mon and tues was in reverse,she was begging to go into the kitchen from the garden to wee in the kitchen….bugger.
I spent wed in the garden the whole day (real feat considering I have a 4 yr old and an 11 month old) and crated her for her naps, by wed she had been going in the garden like a pro.
Was a bit worried that she didnt seem to eat very much but having seen how much she threw up in the back of the car, well, maybe not.
She has 3 meals a day and basically earns her 4th in short training sessions over the course of the day.
Her and the cat have settled well together now and she sits by the pigs calmly now in the garden.
Funny cos the yorkshire terr in our socialisation class look like two of our pigs (as in walking wigs), we think thats why she’s more interested in them than the other puppies ::)

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