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Thanks Val, he does scratch it, both his muzzle and his ears, we tried aloe vera and his muzzle started to clear up so we didn’t go the allergy route because it started to heal and wasn’t red or sore looking, the fur has started to grow back but he still has bald patches and this week has been scratching and the fur is falling out again.  The ears are patchy all over under the fur, and discoloured like in the picture in two/three patches on each ear.  Don’t understand where it has come from, just know it has been getting worse then better for the last few weeks.  When we saw the vet last it was just the muzzle that was like this, that was the time that she said buy the Malaseb shampoo and wanted to give antibiotics, that was when I said I wanted to try calendula/aloe and the aloe really soothed it and stopped the itch.

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