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to be fair really its no ones fault

the owners of the dogs did what they could
and the owners of the cat did what they could

yes if i was the owner of the cat i would be pritty peeved as well
and i suppose the owners of the dogs could have done more especially training their dogs to be more tollerant of cats

i do however have this on going battle with myself about cats
– people let their cats out to do what ever they wish
– they terrorise peoples pet rabbits or in my case ferrets (however since the big hob got hold of a cat and gave it what for we rarelly see cats anymore)
– they cr*p in peoples gardens
– run infront of cars
etc etc
if i let my dogs do that id be in a whole world of poo

its not really responsible pet ownership really is it – in the big scheme of things

ive let my dogs chase cats off cr*pping in my garden – but then i know i can recall my dogs away

oh and my mum used to work for the NWEM  😀

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