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– people let their cats out to do what ever they wish
– they terrorise peoples pet rabbits or in my case ferrets (however since the big hob got hold of a cat and gave it what for we rarelly see cats anymore)
– they cr*p in peoples gardens
– run infront of cars
etc etc
if i let my dogs do that id be in a whole world of poo

its not really responsible pet ownership really is it – in the big scheme of things

Sorry Wags but you can’t get a cat to be like a dog,
Cats are very much free spirits  😉

I have three cats and two dogs, the dogs learn right from the start not to harm the cats. Tam will chase Bramble BUT she entices him to chase, it’s a game between them but he is very protective of her.

In hindsight, yes the dogs should have been taught not to kill, and the owners could have let the local vets know what had happened to the cat.
I would be wary of leaving the dogs near any small animal now  🙁
I would also avoid leaving the Baby alone with them too.

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