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Wags really  😮 doing what dogs do sorry I do not agree, I do think the cat owner would have been just as upset had it been poodle or beardie, their dogs no matter what the breed killed a cat and they buried it without a lot of though for the cat owner.
A Cat Lover not that it matters

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my friend Colin had 2 staffies break into his garden and they killed his two pet ferrets – now again its not really the dogs fault they are just doing what dogs do – the owners of the dogs couldnt appolagize enough
only thing is Colin is a bird behaviourist (if there is such a thing) and has a few avaries in his garden – so you see where im going with that sort of thing

another of my thoughts was – would anyone have even noticed if it was poodles or anything other than a bull breed ?

p.s. i hate cats  😀

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