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but if it had been a poodle would it have made the paper  ??? i dont think it would
yes of course the owner would be upset no matter what but staffy kills cat makes papers poodle kills cat wouldnt get anywhere near the paper

Cats arnt like dogs very true – but if you cant be responsible for your cat and know where it is then thats not really responsible ownership

i cant let Joe play in the garden because its full of cat sh*t

i cant let my dogs out side because theres cats everywhere

i have a double layer of wyre accross the ferret hutch because oh guess what cats try to attack the ferrets

there was a car accident down the road because two cats shot accross the road and the person slamed on

and yet non of it gets in the local paper because its not a dog and dog owners – cats being free spirits is not a suitable excuse for lack of responsibility

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