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I can see HOW it happened, our bloody neighbours cat is always in our garden and on more than one occasion strolled into our HOUSE – now Honey only chases if Buster does, Busters so slow the cats gone before hes got his @rse out the doorway….Honey wouldnt harm a fly, if she did get close to it shed want to be friends, Buster wouldnt kill it – heavens he caught a duck once and just stood there paw on it looking like what do I do now  ::)

So yes cats can be a nuisance, and i get fed up with the neighbours cats coming in, but feel safe in the knowledge that at least neither dog would do anything – but its still a pain.

What can I say – they obviously buried the cat doing what they thought was best, if they were really such horrible people they would of kept quiet about the incident – chances are no one would ever have known.

But its also very distressing for the cats owner, and no the dogs shouldnt of killed the cat – but sometimes shit happens. I certainly dont think the dogs should be penalised for what happened.

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