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from a behaviour point of view….the dogs have now had success – they packed up and hunted and killed – and that is a future worry for the owners

next door but one’s cats come into the garden – they torment the dogs from the trees  😀 if more than one dog is out i allow the bark off but Mo or I will shoo them out – i wont allow a pack chase – and i wont allow sam to chase off at all – falkor doesnt bother about them  – and ami is allowed a cued chase only if they getting on her nerves – she wows to tell us – but is not allowed a chase/contact — they all know it only when they in our garden that they warn and not on the path or front of the house

so when we go to clients  – like reds house they know that cat chasing in general is not allowed hence ami and cubert that day meeting pete and the other 3 cats – they not allowed to chase squirrels either – in fact they only allowed to hunt anything on cue…..

and i guess they at least buried the cat and didnt just chuck it somewhere but yes – they could have made a better effort to search for the cat’s owner

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