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hiya sorry so busy here at mo (we have a guest on friday and having to tidy etc  ;D ) anyway there were no pysical marks on the cat, so not sure if heart attack or broken neck (either way cvat has died and was found with the dogs so probably was the dogs that did it). personally i would have taken the cat to the vet to find out how it died for my own sake…

also side note they are not friends of mine, just work here  😉 they are a very very young family!

since said incident they have had poo through their letter box, people banging door down, death threats, threats to kill the dogs they have had the police sent around as their dogs were alledged pit bulls in an attempt to have them seized, they have only lived in this place for few weeks and now are living in fear.

ok i agree totally that we should all be responsible for our dogs and the training of such and i think people that come on here understand this and take steps to do the right thing…but we also know that the majority of people do not bother…

my cat used to stand on the wall of my neighbours yard and stare at her dog (a little jack russell cross) now the dog got into my yard one day and caught my rabbit, it almost killed it and it would have had i not prised its jaws open  🙁 now my neighbour wouldn’t do anything she said it was a rescue dog and that it was doing what was natural, i lived knowing that this dog would do anything it could to kill my cat & rabbit my daughter was traumatized by the dog but was there anything i could do? no

wow i have gone off on a tangent, i guess my point is that some people will do what is right, alot won’t and unfortunately the end result is often something like this, but have this couple learned anything? no they will just move again.

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