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some of those sound a bit dangerous to a cat

I don’t hate cats, i really don’t but…. sounds dangerous to cats? My foot  >:( . Keep the cat in the house or build sort of a vollière to let it out but on your own property. Why do i have to clean up someone elses pet’s sh.t? I don’t let my dogs do that in someone elses garden either. For years i tried it the nice way, but now if a cat enters my property, i send the boys after it. If cat messes anything up, it gets shot by my neighbour.
Why? Because all of the times that my chicks got killed, torn and shred to pieces. Not because the damne cat was hungry, but just for fun. Finding your barn and grass here and there covered with dead chicks and blood is not fun  >:( . Chickens and Turkeys running around like crazy, trying to find their little ones, tapping their beek agains their youngens to see if they still alive  :-[ ….. all because someone else’s animal that was NOT invited on my property…..
If it is a wild animal than i can live with it. About every summer 2 hawks comes to steal a few chickens. Think they got a nest than here nearby. But she a wild animal, and has to feed. They not being fed, they have to survive on their own and don’t kill for fun. They come, cirkle, pick one and leave. That is nature.
No, i’m done with my kids crying over and my stock going crazy over babychicks by someone elses pet. 

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