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I feel for the cat’s owners because they were obviously very worried about their cat and whether you like cats or not, someone owns them and loves them very much.  But why didn’t the cat have a collar with a number?  Maybe it had a chip.  I don’t know what I would have done if it was me.  To be fair on the owners of the dogs, they did bury the cat and contact the owners when they found out who it was.  As for the statement from the cat’s owners ‘they could’ve left him on the step’  I would have been mortified if I got up and found my dead cat in a bin bag in my front door step.  There is no proof either way that the dogs did or did not kill the cat.

The people that are now treating the family with the dogs so badly – are just idiots, vigilante’s if you like – acting on impulse – which is a shame for this family,  they only tried to the right thing.

So the lesson is – if you find a dead cat, with out a collar – take it to a vet and let them deal with it.

Liz & Joe

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