Re: how to deal with seperation anxiety


After reading some of the posts in this thread it has given me some hope! I have just got an 8 month old Cockapoo who was left home alone for about 10 hours a day by his previous owners naturally this means he has some issues his previous owners told me he liked to be around people a slight understatement… If I leave him he barks for the whole time whether it is two minutes or 3 hours, my neighbours have already complained and I don’t know how best to deal with it??!

I’ve tried kongs and bones to distract him but he wont touch them until I get back, he wont leave my side when I’m in the house even when he eats he has one mouthful then has to check I’m still there before having another. I will start the leave for 2 mins then build upto 15mins trick but does anyone have any other tips to help?

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