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i can’t stand mario, luke, jen, beks, lisa, mikey >:( ::)

I hate what mario did to Rex – every shopping task they do all mario goies on about is we have to pick the people who can do the things ect ect ::) rex said he had done karate for 2 years and yet mario pushed him to the side and let dale do the wood chop because dale had seen it in a film ::) he has such double standards when it comes to mo and rex i really feel sorry for them!

i couldn’t believe mario, jen and bek were all complaining that it should have ben rex and mo being the seals because then mario would enjoy throwing the water over them! how sad is he >:( both me and my mam were saying if it had of been the boys being seals no way would any of the other bitchy housemates have just thrown it at their backs like the two queen bitches got. ::)

really can’t stand this year BB – can you tell 😀

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