Re: Help, food agression


I would hand feed him and take away the chews.
What are you feeding him on as food also plays a big part in this

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Hi, I’m the owner of the cocker my friend Misty wrote in about yesterday.He is growling when you go near him when he is eating food or a chew.When you shout at him he will keep growling and pee pee slightly.It’s really scary the growling is really loud.I’ve been adding food to his bowl when he is eating to show him I’m not taking food away and pretending to eat his dinner before I give him it.He is fine with that but left alone he doesn’t want you in same room.He will guard his chews & not eat them but you can’t go near them. I have today orerded the book `Mine`by Jean Donaldson as advised by Bev. Any hints to keep me going until book arrives as its getting sent from US as none in this country.

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