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you could be director of your belgian shep herding club and delegate others to do all the work.  😉
I suck at that  ::) . I’m a starter, a do-er. But when i start something i want things done my way. And the only way to make that garantee happening, is doing it myself  :-\ .
That’s how i got to be chairman in the first place. When i joined i said i never wanted to be a boardmember again. But i like things big and than i came up with this idea, and that one… everyone said ‘yeah!’, but….. things weren’t happening. So i made it happen. Was invited for an open meeting, and befor i knew it i apparantly was a boardmember  ??? . But then i got really involved and well, i seriously thought our chairman was useless 😛 . Loads of blablabla but nothing ever came from his hands. So, i put my position up for votes and aimed at chairman’s seat. One of the big reasons why i got 99% of the votes -except for the chairman’s- is because the other boardmembers know that if they sit on their a..e and don’t do their job than i will  ::) .
I can’t do it, i can’t just sit there and see it happen. I want to be part of it, i like setting things in motion and …. if it’s my idea than i want to have it done my way. I’m a little control freak  ::) .

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