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I think every dog is very diffrent

the dog at the start of the thread is a Manchester Terrier – a dog that traditionally would be living on its wits – going to have considerablly more brain power and know how to make the best out of a situation

mmmmmmmmmmm i think you can go round and round and round debating this and never really getting anywhere

Meg has very little concept of anything – time, space, self awareness, self control –
i dont know if she has a concept of things gone on in the past BUT she has a deap routed fear of people – its not really a consistant fear either like men with beards its all people giving her eye contact – she also has a deap routed fear of sticks etc being waved about. So does she remember being beaten ? does she assosicate people with being hurt and scared ? – i dont know if this is remembering the past or just associations or even if thats the same thing.

Cleo on the opposite side of the scale is about as bright as it gets – she is more than able to manipulate the situation in her favour – she is a true opertunist and always sezes (spelling) the moment – if she did something like the dog in the OP then i would put it down as her being an intelligent little madam who knows how to work her human (she would prob click treat me in the process)

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