Re: Help, food agression


James Wellbeloved or Burns they are better quality and don’t buy the puppy just get the adult the protien is not helping.
So what is the Affix on his pedigree, why don’t you try feeding him in the garden only out of your hand though and by the way no chews or anything like that, it must be just you feeding him one ball at a time one for him one you want to hold on too
I am sure Bev could explain this better than I am have the head from hell tonight

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Hi, he is a 7mths blue roan cocker. My friend is Misty23. We got him off a lady breeder in Larbert. The litter was in her house and it all seemed very normal and nice. We got her through the kennel club. If we’re out walking and he picks up food I can take it out his mouth no probs, its only in the house. What should I feed him on? Don’t have a freezer, no room, so can’t feed raw meet.

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