Re: Help, food agression


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I have forgotten how old he is let me know could you.
The food as Diesel says is rubbish, when I say feed him by hand I mean just that one ball at a time, start with that for a couple of meals feed it on the flat of your hand then move on to shutting your hand with the food in it saying Mine, ask him to sit or down then give him the ball then feed a few balls always one at a time then do the Mine again.
It’s a much better way for him to learn you are in charge of food.
This is worrying in a pup I would like to know what colour he is and whats his breeding, he almost sounds like a puppy farmers pup that has had to fight for envery mouthful of food

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I feed him pedigree chum puppy complete. Have been giving hm a bit at a time for 3 weeks now but tonight I gave him it all at once and he growled and wet himself while he was eating because I stayed in kitchen

i did this with Tila and within 3 days she’s perfect – i can run my hand all around her face, bum, bowl and not a word from her. I can also say leave it and she’ll move to her matt and wait until i say okay yours.

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