Re: Help, food agression


Good calm is what you want  ;D we don’t use the Dom word on here as it’s really just about management, you need to train the wait sit and go greet when you have people come to your home if you stick it in the search box Kiz has written articles on this.
As for the treats if you are wanting them for training look up training treats, if you can’t find it come back and someone will, the trouble with shop brought treats is they are full of rubbish that will send him hyper.
If you want something to leave him with if you are out try a Kong

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My husband sat and hand fed him this morning and saying `mine`.He was quite happy and calm so we will keep trying.I was wondering if he’s trying to be dominant as well. A lot of time its just me and Dylan and he can sometimes act as if he owns the place. I’m being a bit more stricter with him to see if that helps. He can give a growl sometimes if I move him out the way i.e. if someone comes to door. He can be quite boisterous. Thanks for answering me kizkiznobite, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Should I not give any chews? Bought James Wellbeloved food for him today.

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