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See – if I said “My silly ginger friend!” affectionately, I hope you wouldn’t have a problem?  If I said “You’re just a thoughless, selfish idiot” THEN I’d expect you to take offence.  ;D 

If I can’t call a ginger person ginger, then I can’t call a thoughless person thoughless??  See my point?  😉 ;D

I think that political correctness has gone mad and often just used as an excuse.  ;D

I was called 4 eyes at school, you just thought up a insult to throw back ::)
My Dad was the worst, I got quite dumpy at 15/16 so he always called me fatarse ::)
Things have got so PC now that when you fill in a hospital form you can no longer put down that you are English, you have to be White British 🙁

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