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maybe they arent allowed to  :-\

James Wellbeloved were bought by Mars in 2002 but since then we have continued to run as an independent company. This was reinforced with the recent change of all Mars owned companies to the Mars name, with the exception of James Wellbeloved and our sister company Royal Canin.

We continue to have our own committed and dedicated staff, our own pet-focused research and development, source our own materials and are about to open our own UK factory. Our motto of “Knowledge and Respect” continues to be the way we work, putting your pet and its needs at the heart of all we do.

Company Statement

1.We undertake no testing on animals other than that which is concerned with the palatability of our foods. Much of our palatability testing takes place on pets owned by members of staff at home. Because the tests involve the animals concerned in trying a number of different and tasty foods,they normally enjoy the tests very much! 2.No test interferes in any unnatural way with the physiology of the animal nor produces any distress in that animal.
3.During the palatability tests, we take scientific measurements concerned with the quantities eaten and the speed and eagerness of eating. We also make subsequent analyses of naturally excreted stool and urine to ensure that our foods are as healthy as possible. These are the only scientific measurements that we undertake.

We are a company of animal lovers and most of our staff have pets themselves. We view the welfare and happiness of pets as being of the greatest importance. The thought of harming any pet for commercial reasons is therefore abhorrent to us and would be totally contrary to the ethic of the company.

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