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Nice pics.  ;D Especially Brock bless.  :-* And cutie baby Dodger.

Dorain never did that well at shows – never got anywhere at champ shows (but he is a very graceful loser  ;D ;D ), has had some placings at open shows (and no not all last  😀 ) – have kept all his rosettes but not sure if got any pics. But he did win best open and best in match at ringcraft once – and there were quite a few there.  ;D Was well pleased with that. Not on the level of other peoples wins cos he not THAT close to breed standard in certain  areas (has a nice head tho  🙂 ), but he is still my very bestest boy.  :-*

Doodog…. a few wins at opens, never did as well at them – but done well at champ shows – he hasn’t actually been to that many – only had just over a year of actually showing him, and he was only lightly shown. Can think of 6 champ shows he went to altogether – if memory serves. Placed at 3 of them – two were Crufts placings, one a second in MPD at LKA and one a 1st in Junior dog at Blackpool, both out of 10 – so he qualified for Crufts 2006 and Crufts 2007. Took him to 06 – he didn’t do any good there – but not to 07 because we were sorting – or not sorting  ::) – leg out.  >:D p:-)

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