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Honestly Suz you should have heard it. The woman in question was nagging incessantly at Cass telling her to go away at the top of her voice & making such a scene in front of everyone – what pissed me off was that on most of the occasions she kept telling Cass to go away she wasn’t anywhere near her & the silly cow was just making a big show like an old fishwife, then when Cass did lie down well away from the woman she then started making even more fuss and complaining because Cass was breathing hot air & the lady was hot – forget the fact the stupid bitch was sitting in a sodding conservatory on the hottest day of the year eating a bloody hot dinner!

It was just someone who complained about everything & it wouldn’t have mattered what the dog was doing because they would just find something else to complain about. It was in the company of lots of prefessional people & i felt like it was being made to look like i wasn’t controlling my ‘Beast’ just because the person making all the fuss clearly didn’t like Rottweilers & would find any reason to start nagging.

I have never been quite so restrained in the face of such pathetic nagging & total ignorance toward my feelings. Believe me i would have wiped the floor with anyone else had i not been in the company i was, but i was determined not to let a big drama queen with no life of thier own spoil our holiday so i just did the one thing all drama queens hate – i completely ignored her! LOL

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