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BUT if they allow pit bulls and keep the ban on other breeds then won’t these fighting dogs people just move to another breed?
Wouldn’t cheer to early about them lifting the ban.
Now few cities in NL want to have people that live in low-income areas to muzzle their dog  if it’s of a certain breeds. Because they find lowincome people that own the ‘wrong’ breed of dogs generaly cause trouble….. Imagine living there, being a single parent with kids and owning a dog, but hey, or any other godforgiven reason why you not got that much money so you have to live in a lowincome area…. You have to muzzle your dog e-ve-ry time you go out your door. Great  ::) , you got a stamp on your forhead and your Rottweiler or Dobi is instantly considert to be dangerous… and all just because you live in thàt area  :-\ ….
Was in our newspaper. Lots against, lots pro  🙁 .

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