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and in the case of this – the dogs were in their own garden. suppose you have just got a rescue dog but have a secure garden do you not let the dog free in the garden in case a cat or bird comes in and you don’t know how it will react?

i can see this from both sides of the fence as it were. i remember our cat being chased – in our garden – by 2 loose dogs that came in (there is a track behind and other people’s dogs were always coming in and cr*pping all over the lawn) – which were actually dogs the owner used for some form of hunting one of the neighbours informed me – one was an akita. would they have killed? probably, possibly. but a) she was fast b) i was out there and appeared and meant business.  >:D they saw me, looked at each other and turned and left.  😉

dorain has been attacked by a cat – (same one as above  ;D she was not keen on dogs…) and also had neighbour’s cat that used to come in house. Tortie and white but she was lovely – and remember her sitting under kitchen table and hissing at him and him like  :-\ ??? 😮 .  ;D but he will chase cats – in fact i would say both would – and no i don’t have it on cue cos i don’t know how – and can i guarantee that they would not kill a cat – no i can’t be sure, don’t think they would. but my garden is secure – 6 ft fences – next door neighbours have moved in with about 3 cats… it worries me. duibh barks at them – he has found an area of fence he can stick end of snozzle under.  ::) they did both get chance to chase a cat once – it was unharmed, and they came away when i called them. but i wouldn’t want to guarantee.

we had a cat once that went awol – never saw here again – spent ages searching… is that what happened to her? who knows….

yes they should have made more of an effort to find the cat’s owners. but i don’t think they should be subject to the abuise they have been getting. the dogs were in their own garden. and yes the dogs should probably be better trained too. but accidents happen.

for some reason in this world everything always has to be someone’s fault.  :-\

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