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😮 You nasty mammies you  :-X …………… I never stepped on my boys’ tails  ;D .

But Wodan did get once, when being a puppy, stuck between the door with his tail.
Because i closed it to fast befor the whole pup was in, and Diesel does get his tail stuck between the floor and my pcchair regularly.
Numerous of times i step on paws or heads or bodies when i want to get out of bed or of the sofa. And same number of times my face hit the floor too because i don’t want to hurt them and shift my bodyweight off of them asap.  ::)

But i never stepped on their tail! only naughty people do that  😛 .  😀

quote :

and he in the doghouse tonight

he went in the pond and stood barking at mo from the middle when she was trying to get him out 

Oh Cubedude  :-* … You make us very proud  ;D hahahaha.

[quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=11447.msg228347#msg228347 date=1215203871]
the ones i have seen are like a golden ret but his is all curly twisted so lord knows
Me thinks it’s going to grow forked….. and it’ll grow that way just about when he becomes adult and his horns start to grow  >:D .


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