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It really was a novelty staying in an old railway carriage Christine, it was beautifully preserved & you just wouldn’t have known once you were inside that it had transported people all over the country donkeys years ago.

The furniture was a bit ‘Aunty Doris’ if you get what i mean, it was all in keeping with the era which gave it such a charming character, i will certainly be returning again, i’m only sorry i didn’t find out about it sooner really.

Cass was a dream & didn’t deserve the criticism she was given at all. I had to get a coach from the train station to the village we stayed in & baring in mind that Cass has traffic issues and has never been on a coach she was beautifully behaved, all beit a bit confused because she thought she was meant to get on the seat on the caoch which was really funny – she sat upright with her legs out in front of her looking ahead waiting for the coach to leave. LOL

Of course i had to shove her on the floor but i did giggle about it.

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