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Tila was spayed almost 3 weeks ago now and yesturday i noticed a lumpy bit at the top of the wound. Today it’s all red but with a blue / black bit in the middle? She went to the vet about a week ago and they siad she was happy with it and was healing well so is it just some late swelling and bruising or something i need to be worried about? photobucklet taking ages to upload but there will be pic’s to see.

Laura from the picture that’s exactly what happened to Cass’s scar about 2 weeks after the op. She suddenly got a lump the same and i took her back to the vet but all it was fine, it was just a reaction to the internal sutures he used & it was common with the type of op Cass had, she had no stitches on the outside but they did put some dissolving ones inside which they can have a reaction to, i thought it was a hernia but it was not.

The vet did give me anti biotics as reassurance but he said it didn’t need them really, and it went down really quickly on it’s own.

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