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    you got it – then you have to start all over again at a higher criteria haha – like rabbit dummies – real ducks on water ::)


    Will the criterias be the same or are they different for this work?


    same 1,2,3 – 4 tends to be gundog classes which are usually held out of doors with all high drive dogs – if you go down that route then you work up the classes to trials and shooting so each has it’s own criteria – as in noisy dummy launchers etc – criteria 5 is huge – as lastpost – rabbits but duck on the water – ducks but game on land etc then up to 5ab then 5abc etc – it starts in the open with a couple of dogs and fun shoots for example with stuff then added up to the real thing – 40 or more guns – beaters, pickers up, loads of dogs sitting at peg, loads of dog working – loads of noise and game all over the place, blood smells, hyper people arguing – very intense ūüôā


    So my going to the fridge is the “bridge”¬† ??? He runs to the crate as he has no control over this as it is totally automatic – behaviour is now programmed into brain.¬† ::)¬† No need for training.¬† The training has been that every time I go to the fridge and get the kong we go to crate and he gets kong when in down position.¬† Now he longer thinks about it – automatic response.¬† Am I getting this??¬† :-\


    the sheets i sent you – ucs to ucr etc write it out like that – and i will go thro it with you ;D



    Unconditioned stimulus Fridge Door = Unconditioned response = pleasure
    Conditioned  and unconditioned stimulus fridge door and kong  = unconditioned response = pleasure
    conditioned and unconditioned stimulus fridge door + kong + crate = unconditioned response = pleasure
    conditioned and unconditioned stimulus down = conditioned response = pleasure
    So conditioned stimulus = fridge door/kong/crate/down = pleasure

    No doubt I have made it too complicated.

    He knows the sequence equates to pleasure so he goes through the sequence…. Fridge door, sees kong, goes to crate, lies down = pleasure.¬† :-\


    pretty good  ;D Рnow start at the very begining ;D


    In suits – going to work – he knows that means routine of doggie walkie etc.¬† Prior to that kong – all routine….¬†

    Same at night tv off, nacho wee wee, into bed, night night. light off…¬† see you in the morning………¬† Same dialect everynight.

    Like this morning OH does morning walk, I let him into garden for wee, he came up stairs and waiting on OH getting ready before he came down stairs.¬† Everyone else downstairs he waits on OH and then walks to heel downstairs to front door to go…¬† He is so clever.¬† I never really think about it.¬† It is just our routine what he is conditioned now to do……….¬† Bev sometimes you just turn the light switch on…¬† ;D


    This has really got me thinking.

    Oven timer going off = conditioned response = salivates


    very pavlovian ;D

    think – do it – email it me ;D

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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