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    He was about 12-18months when he got done.
    He’s always been like this when he’s out on a walk. I think it’s excitement and the fact he runs practically non-stop the whole time……I put it down to the running moving his bowels?


    ok…thats a habit some dogs retain from puppyhood…too busy to stop and do correctly…


    Yes, it’s the last few months that I’ve noticed he sometimes squats and strains and nothing is produced….. on about the 3rd or 4th poo.


    mmmm….think i would get that prostate checked out…just to be sure….as he has had anal gland abs…think it would be a good idea…as i said just to be sure…


    here you go…worth trying…my sis lives near ish to you…will ask her where she gets from…

    Howell Poultry – Poultry Dealers And Wholesalers in Swansea SA1 2AY

        Line of Business: Meat Wholesalers
        Market Sector: Poultry Dealers And Wholesalers

    Unit 4
    Cwm Road
    West Glamorgan
    SA1 2AY

        Telephone:  01792 652 054


    Brilliant! Thanks Kiz. 🙂 That’s only about 3 miles form me!


    they a wholesale outlet but if you sweet talk them you might get lucky…or they may be able to tell you where you can buy from…


    I started their new feeding times today. I didn’t hold out much hope actually especially with my other PRT…..evening fed, he’s often reluctant, guards his bowl until the other 2 have finished then slowly eats his.
    This morning he ate with gusto!

    Doug seems better every day…..not back to normal yet but definately heading in the right direction now.


    goodo….yep that typical pack manager behaviour….ami does it….

    so glad the wee boyo is on the mend…they turn us grey overnight don’t they…
    keep us updated  🙂


    Will do. Thanks for all you advice Kiz, I much appreciate it.  :-*


    welcome hun….
    imagine having 12 or 15 haha…like granpa had lol…was a big part of his income…

    so they had to earn their living …think they call them pest control agents or similar silly title nowadays…or dont even use dogs….just stick down the poison … ;D ;D he was rat catcher …pure and simple…

    barns farms mills granary’s…..charged 10 bob a visit…as in 10 old shillings…50p in today’s money…often had to walk 10 miles there and back  🙂 if you have never seen them in action you should try and find a vid…amazing really…
    would go with him at times…from the age of about 4 i guess….

    in barn…snout out…wait for the running…dozens and dozens of rats because the owner/manager would leave it to get the 10 shilling worth  >:D  ….then…heyho we working…chase grab neck shake drop get the next one…..they had to learn real early how not to get bitten and then they had to learn how to do it without wasting energy….

    good wee workers…have happy memories of them…all piled up on an old sofa in a heap after a hard days work….
    had a soft spot for them all my life….


    12-15 PRTs? :surprise: Wow! All I can think of is all the hair! haha. Mine shed profusely all year round……it gets everywhere! ::)

    I have seen clips of them working, it’s a very efficient service they provide. I think it was on the Martin Clunes programme about dogs.

    Doug and Jack are very different, we say Doug seems to have more hound in him and Jack is more terrier, if that makes sense.
    Doug has no interest in hunting but Jack lives for it. He should be a working dog really. He’s lucky we live near the woods so he can quench his thirst for hunting. Only once have I witnessed him catching a rat. He was soooo pleased with himself. I have to watch him tho’, he’ll disappear and I’ll find him frantically digging at mole-hills or with his head down a hole.
    [img width=468 height=351][/img]


    that great pic  ;D

    haha…hair was granmas problem…they had collies too…


    Doug is doing well, he’s still a bit tentative in the pooing, but there’s no blood loss now. 🙂
    Happened last Thursday, been fed boiled chicken since Friday night(little and often). Added fish over the weekend and this morning I’ve added a small amount of blanched liver.
    When can I start him back on his raw food?


    goodo…great news…i would go for it…start in the morning…wouldnt go for anything too fatty for the first couple of days…so wouldnt say give tripe…would still partly cook the liver/offal and mix in …say 50/50
    hugs to the wee boy x

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 46 total)
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