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    Hi we got our new little puppy Chopper on friday and no1 can tell what breed he is, we get lots of different suggestions from dog walkers in the park the vet and we have posted on another site and had quite a few different suggestions.

    we dont like to tell people straight away what other people think and what the previous owners thought he was when we got him ( they say they rescued him from a family but we know we most definately rescued him from them), we just like fresh suggestions without putting thoughts into peoples minds.

    He is a lovely little pup called Chopper he is around 20 weeks old ( we bought him from a family on friday and we and the vets think there is a big possibility he has been mistreated in the past because of the way he acts around new people along with other things).

    ive put lots of pics on photobucket so you can see how lovely he is and give us some of your suggestions. We will tell you what other people have said along with what the previous owners thought he was after some replies thanks.


    loving the pointy ear picture.  ;D

    He’s a big boy.  My first thought was that there is some sort of retriever in there due to his coat and colouring, then there is the pointy ear to consider……………mmmm then the size of him!!

    He is certainly a fine looking fella. 


    Looks like Goldie X something big like weims maybe would have to have a coat gene whatever it is.


    I agree defo a goldie X but not sure what with. He is very handsome  ;D


    Lab and Collie? Does he stare alot , barely blinking?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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