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    Hi All,

    My partner and I have been reading up but we are still stumped about our Toby, the kennel had him down as a Lakeland Terrier and other people have said Fox Terrier but as he has such long skinny legs we were uncertain.  It would be interesting to hear your thoughts!  Have added some photos to help [a bot ropey mind, he hates cameras and mobile phones!] looking at them just makes me think where did he get those long limbs!

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]


    i deffo see lakeland, not foxie really,maybe Irish?  🙂


    more lakeland he looks alot like my grans harry, i’ll try and get a pic 2 moro for ya  🙂


    Working type Lakeland?

    just a couple I found – quite a bit of info on them, I groomed on who was a working type – he had no where near as much coat as a show type lakeland…….but to be honest thats as much as I can tell you without looking for more info sorry!!


    Aah, thanks everyone, the working one definately looks like Tobes!  I will look into it some more when he isn’t determined to get me off the compute!


    Patterdale x lakeland :-\


    he just looks like a red fell to me  ;D


    I would say a Lakeland thats lost his nuts thats why he looks leggy  ;D


    *LOL @ Val you have such a way with words  ;D

    I’m 100% sure he’s a canine if that helps  >:D


    ;D ;D Tis True  ::)

    [quote author=minpin link=topic=10481.msg197504#msg197504 date=1201095106]
    *LOL @ Val you have such a way with words  ;D

    I’m 100% sure he’s a canine if that helps  >:D


    A good groomer could certainly make him look like a Lakeland.  😉


    i would say he looks more like a lakeland 😉


    id be suprised if he was a cross – lots of those working type lakelands around, always tons on dp website  🙁


    I’d say he looks more Lakeland.  🙂


    Thanks everyone, everything I am reading is pointing to a working-type lakeland, and your comments have confirmed it in my mind.  Three weeks today that we got our little scamp and they’ve been great, so nice to come home to a happy excitable little dog and I’ve seen more of my local park in three weeks than in the previous six months of living here!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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