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    does the course include any human psychology ?


    Congrats Mudgie, sounds brill  :happy:


    [quote author=piglet link=topic=11955.msg238175#msg238175 date=1219778136]
    does the course include any human psychology ?

    Not as an individual topic…we do skim the basics in the comparative psychology module and I suppose we touch on it indirectly in the instructing & counselling modules.



    I am a bit dispondent about it at moment.  Maybe my expectations are too high  :-\



    am i right in thinking its just your first year mudgie ?  i found some of my modules a bit shallow and tedious but i did think it was useful to develop new skills and really helped in second year.

    is it that you’re not finding it challenging enough or is it working with other students ?  it took me a while to “rub along” with the other students and for 90% of the time that is all I manage as most of them are bloody slackers that dont deserve to be there – even now !!

    e.g. last week a 2hr workshop supposed to have 50ish people in had a dozen max. 

    claire x


    yep first year.  I dont find the modules a bit shallow etc – realise that we all have knowledge at different levels – the more I learn the more I realise I dont know.  Stuff that I thought I wasnt interested in astounds me and challenges me and I enjoy more and more – one of the tutors is fantastic – she makes it really interesting and is very approachable.
    The core stuff I know is important and realise not everyone uses it in day to day life – find that easy (but has taught me not to take my knowledge for granted as sometimes you miss stuff cos you just go into autopilot) 
    I guess I find the practical stuff really frustrating – I am not ashamed to say that I need support in this.  Nacho becomes very exciteable and is well out of his comfort zone.  Surrounded by other dogs and verges on separation anxiety with it at times.  He always has upset tummy because of treat overload (now looking at click reward instead of click treat) All my training goes out the window and he becomes adolescent again.  At the moment it is our block week at the college and the lectures etc we can do at home – to me this week should be practical focussed – like I said maybe my expectations are too high, maybe I need more than others but I dont think so – the moral is really low just now – there just doesnt seem to be the direction that most of us need.  :-\
    This course is really important to me – I want to understand nooch behaviour more – I want to be a better owner – but not just on paper – not just by assignments – I want to do it in the real world with my real dog – just a bit stressed and frustrated by it all really.  I thought it was a personal thing and maybe it is but …
    Second day into a four day week and at least 7 of us have been in tears of frustration.
    Suppose we need to address it with the tutors but everyone bails out and I dont want to be the messenger that gets shot. 



    I think one thing which I often have to remind myself is not to take on other peoples worries/issues – be polite and refer them to someone who may help if you can but ultimately you need to get the most out of learning for yourself 🙂

    I think it is really positive that you’re identifying and adapting methods – like the click+treat it shows you are adaptable in training and thats important too. 

    I dont want to talk ‘out of turn’ but from your description, one thing which smacks me in the face is the criteria is too high for him.  It is simply too exciting to worry about silly old treats, my suggestion would be to back away – you need to be right away, so far that you have his full attention as he will not learn in the environment you describe. 

    Even if it is a personal thing – so what?  learning IS a personal thing and if you need more support no-one is going to criticize you for grabbing it.  At my uni if I felt like this I would talk to my personal tutor (as I know I can rant on to him) and make a plan to approach the person responsible for a particular area where you feel you need more support in a balanced way 🙂  Obviously you might not be as grumpy as me but you get the idea of what i’m saying I hope.  I wouldnt go as a messenger – I would go as you wanting to know for your dog etc … while you are up there grab any time you can – all my lecturers have “office hours” where you can book time with them – book a 1:1 and take Nacho and work on how you implement your praise and say this is how i feel – i would like to work away from the group because i feel my dog and me will get more out of it?

    If you are friends with anyone (dunno if K is up there with u) is there time between lectures etc… to meet and work nacho with a few dogs to lower criteria some?

    Try not to take on others tears even tho I know you’ll be close to some of them (sorry to others of you from here – i would say the same to you tho – its not personal) take on your own frustrations which sound like they are coming from too high criteria meaning that your dog is completely manic and isnt learning.

    If it is bad enough to be in tears, you NEED to talk to somebody NOW.  At my uni we have personal tutors, every lecturer has office hours, many of them are on the end of the phone or e-mail at other times too, subject and course and year leaders and even the field chair are all available to talk to – out of subject there are academic counselling and skill support people, library support people, emotional type counsellors … you name it!  Marion always seems very nice on here, if she’s in college maybe try her and she can point your way if you not sure ??

    Claire x

    p.s. keep your smiles up love even if its just for Nacho x x

    p.p.s. remember you are there for you and you alone – be a little bit selfish and brave enough to tackle these issues as your experience then there is no fear of people backing out and hopefully you will get things tailored to you more  🙂


    forgot to say …

    i would give similar advice to anyone else struggling – i’m not meaning that mudgie ignores you per-se, more that you all get what you need 🙂

    tutors are not scarey (well not at my uni) and many moons ago when i visited BB it seemed friendly.

    oh and I hope today has been positive 🙂


    Had a rude awakening this morning – had my first practical assessment – and had a full blown panic attack.

    The biggest problem I have at uni and in life is Me and my expectations of myself.  One of the tutors said today that I set the criteria too high for myself.  It isnt the first time that I have heard it and I spent 6 weeks addressing it and this morning in fact this week it went totally out of the window.  ::)

    However on a more positive note, I am learning that being emotional is okay – tears are not pathetic – they mean I am passionate about this and want to do well.  This course is about me and nooch and whilst I dont want to be completely unsociable I want to focus on me and him.  I wont be playing mediator and I will ensure that any concerns I have are voiced – I had a 1:2:1 today and felt better for it.  Sometimes you just need to hear yourself say stuff, offload and move on.

    Nooch gets stressed when I am stressed and I want to do the best for him too.  He is snoozing away now whilst I rub his velvet ears.  Been a good day by all accounts – tears and all  🙂


    and Piglet

    Thanks for taking the time out to post and for your concern.  Much appreciated  :-*


    thats ok 🙂

    i ended up in tears in a seminar in my first year and last week there was someone in tears in our workshop too so i certainly dont think you’re alone in feeling emotional – learning isnt just knowing “the facts” its about getting to know yourself better as a person and overcoming challenges 🙂

    afterall … if you could do it already, you wouldnt be there 😀

    claire x


    Got my practical assessment mark back this afternoon – probably if marked I would have got 100% for letting barriers down and letting emotions get the better of me.

    However unfortunately wasnt marked on that  ::)  so safe to say I barely scraped a pass.  Am so disappointed in myself and was upset all the way home.  However can only learn from it and ensure (or do my best to ensure) that I dont allow myself to get so emotional the next time. 

    Bit of a rollercoaster week.  Just need to learn from all this and move forward.  ;D


    Just so everyone is aware and doesn’t think I’m just ignoring Hellen…

    It’s fine if Hellen wants to discuss her experiences and feelings on here but it’s not appropriate for me to discuss anything about her coursework on a public forum.  I’ll keep the chat with Hellen private.



    Fanx Marion  :educated:

    But who is this “hellen” person  ;D  Yes guys my real name isnt mudgie  :yes:  😮


    When something is important to you, you get emotional about it (look at John McEnroe).  This is why non competitive people do not understand the adrenalin rush that sometimes triggers behaviours that perhaps are not necessarily appropriate.

    Unfortunately, whilst LEARNING, this can hinder our progress.

    there are 4 stages of competence:

    Unconcscious incompetence – this is when you have no idea how incompetent you are as it is either not important to you or it has not been tested yet!

    Conscious incompetence – this usually emerges when you want to do something, someone else shows you how, but you have not quite got it yet (this is often where people yo yo between despair and elation)

    Conscious competence – this is where you know you are good but you still have to think about it.

    Unconscious competence – when you are so good you have to think hard about how you got there!


    So learning about anything we are passionate about is a journey not necessarily linear in approach.

    And, depending upon how egotistical we are and what our EQ is we often have to remind ourselves of Kelly’s theory of personal constructs in order to ensure that we do not take constructive criticism personally………….

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