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    oh roflol he so is what about Lisa?? hahaha off to tell my dad that  😀


    Don’t know about Lisa but Sylvia would be a praying mantis!


    lmao Angela!!

    My mum reckons Mario would be a tortoise – I now got a weird image of him dressed up as nija turtle hahaha  😀  😀 i need some sleep I think lmao!



    Lisa would be a Tarsier  😀


    One of those bug eyed critters?  I think you might be right!



    😀 it’s those eyes


    what is a tarsier?

    hehe how funny was that with beks and luke  >:D  ;D  ;D  😀



    a boogly eyed mammal..  😀





    oh hahaha yep that lisa in disguise  😀


    lmao too funny!



    Hey I missed this!!

    Housemate Dennis McHugh has been removed from the Big Brother House for unacceptable behaviour.

    A number of housemates were involved in an argument at approximately 12.45am this morning (27th June), which resulted from a prank played by Rex that ended in a picture painted by Jennifer being slightly defaced.

    During the argument Dennis spat in the face of fellow housemate, Mohamed.

    Big Brother intervened immediately to break up the argument. The ‘as live’ streaming from the house on E4 was cut and no footage was broadcast.

    All the housemates involved in the argument were sent to separate bedrooms.



    sent to separate bedrooms.  😀 and these are meant to be ‘adults’….  ::) scary….



    oooooooo missed that too

    wasnt the video they did good though 🙂



    bloody hell  😮

    so eviction or not tonight then??

    the vid was amazing –  they did brilliantly.. was excellent  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 271 through 285 (of 506 total)

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