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    mmmm saw that bit Zerlinda – was a bit distressing – but it makes the show doesnt it thats why they dont always intervene when they should.  🙁


    yeah i gues it does and thats why BB is always walking a fine line between entertainment and being shut down, i prefer the more innocent type of amusements in there like kat and the chocolate body paint etc  🙂


    for the first time we have watched big brother in our house

    it is very addictive we’ve found

    Rex so reminds me of one of my X’s (also a self obsessed chef)

    Matt really likes Kat but she drives me mad i cant be doing with screachie people i always end up wanting to slap her


    i like kat i just know that i could never live with her! she drives me insane ::) 😀

    i can’t stand rebecca, luke or jen they really need to go! >:(

    i liked dale last night when he started joining in with the hula hoop game he was back to how he was the first week not the jen obssessed blanket we normally see ::) he needs to get over her and fast!!


    mandy got me watching it for the first time when it all kicked out of so i was watching it as an outsider, that group of people were all evil that jen? is that it shes awful

    i think kats fun mandy says i remind her of bek? but from what ive seen of her she’s a bit of a sheep and id like rex if i was there, but ive only seen that 1 episode and grrrrr that group made me mad! lol


    Jen needs to go  p:-)


    Jen out
    Jen out
    Jen out



    then Bex…


    oh she so does my head in


    yep Jen out – and bex well some one give the girl some valium she never stops and her voice  >:D


    I agree jen out, and if she does go out lets see what Bex does then, wasn’t she such an idiot taking her top off, she really annoys me and as for cutting up Mo’s belt totally out of order


    i really don’t know why i am still watching this everyday  😀 its so annoying!  ;D


    To be honest – I don’t like any of them  this time round – maybe they should all just go and then C4 can put something more interesting on like a doggie programme  ;D

    Liz & Joe


    😀 but they would only replace it with more cr@p  ;D


    Im finding Lisa and Mario the most interesting at the moment which says a lot – I think if Jen goes the whole house will change  😉

Viewing 15 posts - 301 through 315 (of 506 total)
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