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    You know what’s really interested me about Lisa & Mario.  In 3 weeks, they haven’t fallen out, argued or had a disagreement at all!  Whist he wouldn’t suit me for 24 hours, they really do seem to share and suit each other.  ::)


    Your right Rough – they do seem to get on incredibly well, they suit each other perfectly – which is good cos no one else could put up with him  😉


    GET JEN OUT!!!  p:-) i hate her she’s awful!!!

    rex is great and she’s gonna be soooo shocked when she gets booted out on friday  >:D


    i think lisa and mario have a strange relationship have you ever watched his face when she is talking to someone he yawns and looks so uninterested, i think she would be a completely different person if he left, wheras i think he would remain the same if she left.

    and yes jen needs to go, people will have so much more freedom  ;D oh and mo drives me mad i think i would slashed his clothes by now too, he is sooooooooooo selfish with food and everything, he never once said he didn’t take her tobacco he walks around with a chip on his shoulder as if the whole world owes him for his bad past, sorry but half the world has a bad past and no the rest don’t owe us! so get over it! argh see he drives me nuts he needs to go too!  >:D


    aww i like mo i think he’s funny  ;D he couldnt get a word in when she was asking him about the tobacco! he never can everybody shouts over him and i think they pick on him  🙁  🙂


    when she is talking to someone he yawns and looks so uninterested

    But she IS boring.  😉  She talks in the same monotone voice all the time (no use for dog training eh Bev? ;D) and never seems to show any excitment about anything.  :-\  She would bore me to sleep too. 
    If he does another Health & Safety assessment or talks about his wonderful life outside ………but that’s why they suit each other so well. ;D

    But I do laugh when she’s sunbathing and her silicone mountains look like camel’s humps!  😀 😀


    laughs she has such a butch body! and yet sometimes she looks really pretty its all very strange  😀


    i can’t stand mario, luke, jen, beks, lisa, mikey >:( ::)

    I hate what mario did to Rex – every shopping task they do all mario goies on about is we have to pick the people who can do the things ect ect ::) rex said he had done karate for 2 years and yet mario pushed him to the side and let dale do the wood chop because dale had seen it in a film ::) he has such double standards when it comes to mo and rex i really feel sorry for them!

    i couldn’t believe mario, jen and bek were all complaining that it should have ben rex and mo being the seals because then mario would enjoy throwing the water over them! how sad is he >:( both me and my mam were saying if it had of been the boys being seals no way would any of the other bitchy housemates have just thrown it at their backs like the two queen bitches got. ::)

    really can’t stand this year BB – can you tell 😀


    nope not at all laura  😀


    omg i hate jen!!!!!  >:(
    and luke and mario!!!  >:(

    poor kat i felt sooo sorry for her  :'(

    i do love rex though he is soooo sexy, and as cool as a cucumber 😉  ;D
    i like darnell aswell  🙂


    Becks is really getting on my  t**s now  >:(


    she is such a cow at the mo, she’s will get such a shock when jen goes on friday  ;D


    jen to go for sure…. I have to say i can’t believe I am still watching – there isn’t anyone in there worth a win.. they are all rubbish  >:(


    god i hate bek’s, mario, jen and luke >:( >:(

    felt sorry for kat tonight! 🙁


    So did I, it’s not her fault she gets emotional, arguments are not nice to see, I can’t wait tomsee Bex’s face on Friday as she is sooo sure Jen isn;t going, I think Jen is shocked that she was nominated at all

Viewing 15 posts - 316 through 330 (of 506 total)
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