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    I just had to share this picture of Bonnie and her luuuuurvely puppy on his first walkies yesterday !!

    [img width=468 height=363][/img]

    Sorry the picture isnt fantastic but they are fab together !!!! πŸ˜€

    Claire x


    Claire, enlighten me as i must have missed a thing or 2…
    Did Bonnie have a puppy herself or you got a nother puppy?



    He belongs to a friend of mine – he’s her puppy in spirit … in that he looks very much like her and has her clever brains too …

    So … the answer is actually neither πŸ˜‰

    He’s just had a rubbish start – 3 homes in 10 weeks … that you cannot resist falling in love with him !!

    Bonnie is being such a good mum dog to him and we’re doing our best (with guidence from auntie bev) to whip him into good boy puppy shape as he’s missed out on ALOT bless him.

    Claire x

    p.s. Bonnie was speyed before I owned her, this boy has obviously come from very similar type breeding tho the jury is out on if he’ll be a lurcher … he is super leggy but that could all change once he has proper food inside him and gets over spending 10 weeks in ikky places πŸ™


    Ah yeeeees! I see nowΒ  :yes: . He is still tiny. How old he now?


    aww they do look good together ;D


    he’s 15 weeks now – all bitey bitey and waggy waggy hehe !!! πŸ™‚


    15 weeks……. so snotty still.Β  πŸ˜€


    Hehe !!

    He’s my little *star* today !!

    ‘sit’ is now reliable + fluent 100% @ C1 (only the cat as a distraction) and 90% r+f @ C2 (no distractions) with the last 10% being reliable but not particularly fluent.

    ‘down’ is r+f 80% @ C1 (only cat as distraction) but I think he was struggling a little on the laminate as he’d been outside and his paws were a little damp !!

    ‘leave’ is very definately on its way … we certainly understand the idea that if we dont touch things on the floor that are not ours then we will be rewarded ( @ C1 with used teatowel, face flannel, dog lead, cats bowl, poop bags … as distractions)

    ‘off’ is really good very r+f @ C1, not measured today tho

    ‘come’ is 100 % r+f @ C1 (with cat again but nothing else), not time to measure at C2 but he does do it.

    ‘weewee’ is really coming along – only 1 wee in the house today and that was on his training mat while left.Β  all poops outside too – yay !!

    he is also getting the idea of ‘you sit still and not mouth my hand’ and ‘lead will be clipped on and we’ll go for a little walkie’

    couldnt do location with him as its missing from the post on here and i cannot remember every bit as we skipped bits with Bonnie and swapped criteria too so I got Bonnie out the car and (offlead) let Caspers owner walk her back and forwards to get the idea of having to fit in all the cues and a ‘feel’ for what its like to achieve offlead heel/close which is what we will be doing once I get the locate stuff πŸ™‚Β 

    next is ‘kizkiznobite’ …. darn needle sharp teeth haha !!Β 

    also did some work with owners son (4yrs) to reinforce his pack position – getting him to use proper cues and rewarding, working up to using clicker and also teaching him and pup the rules of “play tuggy”.

    puppy is growing like a weed haha and still looks more like Bonnie every time I see him, coming along nicely …. am gonna steal him away so auntie bev can see him and teach me some puppy stuff one day soon πŸ™‚

    Claire x

    p.s. He was pooped when I left – tee hee πŸ™‚


    Bonnie is also doing fantastically well …

    At agility her contacts are much improved, particularly the “on” contacts which she was jumping over and the aframe off – this is through clicker training her to ‘touch’ the contacts, eventually this will be chained to the obstacle cue (e.g. aframe, dogwalk, seesaw) but is still work in progress πŸ™‚

    Her jumping is generally good, we are still at medium height in training as we are focussing on directionals working away and my handling footwork.Β  We’ve done things like stars, figure 8’s, boxes etc … and she knows ‘in’ / ‘out’.

    Tunnel is by far her favourite obstacle – she’ll go through them till the cows come home lol and has thankfully stopped jumping over the top hehe !!Β  She’s also done long jumps, tyres, walls – no wishing wells yet tho …

    Her weaves are coming along nicely, she’s doing channel weaves and is reliably running through all 12 with them roughly 6-8″ apart and 6 at home about 3-4″ apart.

    The plan is to come out in May and I think we’ll be more than ready πŸ™‚

    Its a brilliant club, I really love it AND only 15mins from home – one of our club (CloudTenn) dogs won the Starters Cup (medium i think) at Discover Dogs last saturday and has gone from G1 – G5 in his first season !!

    Claire x


    not to mention showing her puppykins how grown up girls walk nice offlead heel close tee hee !!! πŸ™‚


    and for those of you who love Wills …

    he’s much the same – all mouth, no trousers and much too hairy – hehe !!!

    quote :

    next is ‘kizkiznobite’ …. darn needle sharp teeth haha !!Β 

    Pupperteeth…. shart like razors and yet i miss them so much when they change their teethΒ  πŸ˜€ hahaha.

    His training is coming around fine than, even with all the times of movinghomes thing. Hope that didn’t affect him to much.



    he’s doing well – i would generally have expected a little less biting from a 15 weeker but he has had a fair bit of disruption bless him so perhaps he is a little behind developmentally.Β  Having said that – he had a run out with Bonnie last week and was reading her dog language and talking to her with no obvious issues πŸ™‚Β  I think its probably just a case of like kids really – they all develop at different rates etc …

    Claire x

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